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Commissioning Articles, Papers and Presentations 

All material is authored by Mark Walter (except for item 2).

  1. Cloud-Based Commissioning Specification/Guideline - Virtual Commissioning, 2009
  2. Commissioning on Purpose - SRAPPA, 2004
  3. Commissioning on Purpose for the CxA: How it Actually Works - SRAPPA, 2005
  4. Overview: Data Center Test Writing - Virtual Commissioning, 2010
  5. Understanding the Main Commissioning Documents - Virtual Commissioning, 2010
  6. 10 Most Common Commissioning Process Mistakes - Virtual Commissioning, 2010
  7. Six Easy Steps for Completing Commissioning on Schedule - Virtual Commissioning, 2011
  8. Chemical Water Treatment - US EPA Headquarters, 2005
  9. The Systems Connection: Manual versus Automatic Mode - US EPA Headquarters, 2005
  10. Understanding the Basic Process: General Testing Guidelines - Virtual Commissioning, 2010
  11. Smart Building Technician, Commissioning Course Level 1 - Southwestern College, 2012
  12. Cx 2.0: Building Commissioning Needs to Change - Abstract for NCBC, 2011
  13. Cx 2.0: A Cloud-Based Movement to Improve the User Experience - We coined the phrase "Cx 2.0" in 2010
  14. Cloud-Based Commissioning - National Conference on Building Commissioning NCBC, Nashville, 2012
  15. Emerging Solutions: Facilities, Campuses and Buildings - US DOE Solar Decathlon, Panel, 2013
  16. The Hidden Power of the 'D' Factor - Virtual Commissioning, 2013
  17. Cx 2.0 - Overcoming Inherent Inefficiency: Commissioning, Skill Sets and the Transfer of Knowledge - Virtual Commissioning, 2013 
  18. EnergySmart Building Technician: Missing Links for High Performance Buildings - California Commissioning Collaborative, 2013
  19. What Makes Smart Buildings 'smart'?, CleanTechOC, 2014
  20. biix: The IT Infrastructure for the Micro-Smart Grid, CleanTechOC 2014 Conference
  21. Commissioning Functional Test Guide: A Handbook for Field Testing of Systems in Buildings, Updated 2019


One Man Defeating a Hundred

The martial artist trains for years to become “the calm at the center of the storm," the eye of the hurricane. It is from this spot that, with a minimum amount of effort, one man or woman can defeat a hundred.

For to win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill. - Sun Tzu

In buildings and facilities, when it comes to things like commissioning and sharing information, clearly we are expending too much effort. How do we know this? Because there are far too many things inhibiting effortless flow. Instead of one person defeating a hundred, a hundred are overwhelming the one.

This concept - of using a minimum amount of effort to yield maximum results - has been a behind-the-scenes driver for VirtualCx since our founding. Like many companies, we're constantly trying to find ways to improve things.

We love buildings and enjoy commissioning. We look forward to hearing from you, and to helping you on your next project.

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